(I) 155317402482.institute is an ever-expanding compendium of imaginary landscapes. Generated as an amalgam of unknown & unrecognizabled locations, this projects aims to explore the blurred line between whats recognizable in a topographic & geological level (this is where i live, this is where i grew up, this is where i would love to get lost) and whats concived as a landscape of the forgotten.

(II) OSF-i Institute is an archive of Open Source Font resources started in 2021. It aims to be a useful resource for quality and accesible fonts for students.  

(III)  (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

(IV) Interior is a Madrid based record label which aims to explore the symbiotic relation between graphic and sound creation through the concepts of pseudonym and self-perception. We currently host a series of mixes called Chronically Online, as well as editing releases in the field of experimental electronic music. We are also starting a club in Madrid called Club Kommunal.

(V) Currently open for commissions.

Latest works:
Visualizers for Dano - EHHPDSR (w/ Alberto de Miguel).
DJ Stealth - Open Sky, Deep Breath, Harmonized Omen.
Club Kommunal 

Artworks for Gideo - Offender (w/ Loyalty XIX for Dycentra Records, TBA).

Freeform image researcher from Madrid.
Currently at N-E.


Poem by Laura Gilpin “Two Headed Calf”.